The Green Project


The Offenham Village Hall Green Project consists of three phases to make
Offenham Village Hall environmentally friendly now and in the near future.
Phase One
Install Solar Panels, an Electric Car Charging point (ECCP) and install energy saving Led lights in the Main Hall.
Phase Two
Install improved double glazing and install an Air Purifier and Sanitising System
Phase Three
Replace The Gas Heating And Hot Water System to electricity
Project Information
Phase One
Grants for Solar Panels, ECCP and Lighting has already successfully applied for, with the help of Offenham Parish Council, and it is currently in the installation stage.
Installing Solar Panels has given us the opportunity to change the gas heating and hot water system to electricity saving hundreds of pounds yearly not having to buy energy through the grid.
Also installing roof fans to help with ventilation for Covid19 guidelines, circulate heat and cool the hall depending on season and event. We hope to be able to sell energy back to the national grid.
Phase Two
The Double Glazing Phase of the Green Project will replace all the hall windows which are becoming unusable due to age and having an increasing about of extra use due to having Covid19 ventilation guidelines. The new windows will be designed in a away to help keep the hall warm and improve ventilation and help towards reducing heating bills.
The Air Purifier / Sanitising system is low energy usage and will work 24 -7 help keeping the main hall air and surfaces free from infections.
Phase Three
Is being planned for 2022-2023