Community Coffee Morning 10am – Noon


Bacon Sandwiches, teacakes with Mugs of Tea or Coffee

Where friends meet for the first time and stay friends.

Free Books and Puzzle loan


Dressmaking    First Thursday in the month  1:30-4:00  

Contact name: Denise Bailey  Via the U3a web site 

We are a new group open to U3a members (due to insurance cover)

Are you new to dressmaking or have experience, do you have a sewing machine sitting collecting dust. You will be welcome to join us.

I have been sewing on and off for as long as I can remember. I spent the last three years of my working life attending night school learning dressmaking.

During the past year I have undertaken a diploma course in dressmaking, learning many new skills.

If you are happy to work from a commercial pattern, I will shown to how to get the best fit from your pattern, and guide you on aspects of inserting a zip correctly, and adding pockets for embellishment etc.    If this is of interest to you please contact me via the U3a website.


Zumba with Tracey 6.30 pm 

Tracey Phillips   07756204910 

Every Thursday 6:30pm 

Latin inspired dance class. Enjoy the heat inside and shake your thing to Latin tracks and pop songs! Come and have fun and dance the hour away. 

Tracey has been at the hall for over 8 years


Evesham Aikido 7.45 – 9.45 pm

Tony Waknell – Instructor Mobile – 07443 480694 8


Members of Itai Doshin Aikido Club

Instructor: Tony Waknell – 2nd Dan Black belt (Aikikai) – Coach Level 1
What is it?

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art with its origins from the time of the Samurai. It does not focus on punching or kicking opponents but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you. It places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement but does not rely on strength so is well suited to both men and women.
Why Practice Aikido?
Albeit all martial arts have something to offer, unlike many others, Aikido practitioners do not block, but blend with their opponent to evade an attack. It’s all about movement, timing, body mechanics and posture breaking. From a weapons perspective, we include Bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (wooden staff) to enhance our Aikido and due to the increasing prevalence of knives in our society, we add a level of realism to our training using a Tanto (wooden knife).
Is Aikido different to most other martial arts you may have seen?
Compared to Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, Kick Boxing – Most definitely! You really need to see Aikido to appreciate its softness, fluidity of movement, yet devastating power if required.
Come and Experience This Dynamic Martial Art!
Instructor: Tony Waknell – 2nd Dan Black belt (Aikikai) – Coach Level 1
Contact: E:; W:
Student Age: 18+ years


Other times available please contact

Or Ring on 07519033287 for details