Flower Club

Offenham Floral Art / Flower Club

Our Demonstrator on Wednesday 6th February was Mrs Coral Gardiner, who had travelled to us from Bath. Her demonstration was entitled ‘Nature’s Winter Palette’.
It was a fantastic evening – Coral was not only inspiring with her designs, but also very amusing and had a great sense of humour. We all enjoyed it immensely and were reluctant for the evening to come to an end!

Our next meeting will be Wednesday 6th March, at the Offenham Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm.

The Demonstrator then will be Mrs Lorena Dyer with ‘A Moment in Time’.

(The Demonstrator’s arrangements are raffled at the end of each meeting).

The Club competition on 6th March is entitled ‘Memories’ and members can also enter the ‘flower of the month’ competition. Those entering either or both competitions need to have them in position by 7.15pm.

For any visitor attending this meeting in March, with a Club member, admission is free.

Please view our Photos of the Evening