Refurbishment History

In 2009 a bequest was left by Sylia Mary Marshall in her will.

The then committee decided this money should go towards the start of Refurbishing the Village Hall and the money was put aside and was to be used as a starting point

When you apply for a grant you have to show you have raised some funds yourself and this became the foundation of the project along with some of the funds we had already raised.

The Offenham Village Hall Refurbishment Project was then started.

The details of this project will be updated on a regular basis to tell you how it happened.

The first grant applied for was to replace the heating system was installed before the main refurbishment. A grant of £1,000 was given by Wychavon District Council and a further grant was received by Welcome to our future who managed the Severn Waste landfill tax.

The Main Refurbishment Project.

At a chance meeting I went to at Bishampton Village Hall I was aware of a lady that I had heard of who might be able to help us. After the meeting I approached her and we discussed what I wanted to do.

At that time there was no funding available due to it being end of financial years, but a few weeks later I received an email about some European Funding through Worcestershire County Council that was available

To Be continued